sundays are for showers

I’ve always loved flowers. They just make everything a little better. And now, after putting together a bridal shower for a dear friend, along with a couple of amazing bridesmaids, I’ve found a deeper love for them. I don’t know.. this year has been all about florals whether it’s clothing, stationery and everything in between, but I’m not mad about it. And after moving into a new house, I just want to fill it with flowers just because! Let me say I have very little knowledge on arrangements and other floral installations, but honestly just spending time figuring things out for this one event made me reconsider my career path. Just kidding! For me it’s really that I love to work with my hands when I get the chance. And creative problem solve. And make a mess. But a really nice mess. The right amount of mess. Then come out on the other side with something simple and beautiful, that just makes everything a little better.